AS a leading company in the domestic lemon industry, Sichuan NingDian AgricultureCo.Ltd. is basedin Anyue and has a global presence. Currently, it has its own sales channels andconsignment networks in Chengdu, Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiaxing, Shenyang,Xinjiang, Hong  Kong,  Russia, Indonesia,  Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, and other places, laying the foundation for the development of the lemonbusiness. A good foundation. At present, the company is making efforts to build onlinetrading platforms such as Tmall and Alibaba to form a complete three-dimensional salesnetwork system. 
TEL:185-81892266EMAIL:scningdian@163.comADDR:Six groups, Yu Guan Village, Yongshun Town, Anyue County, Ziyang, Sichuan
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