Lemon flower language

The language of lemon is loyal love.

The historical source of lemon

Regarding the origin of lemons, this is a mystery, but it is generally believed that lemons originate from the southern part of India, China and the northern part of Myanmar.
With regard to lemons, there are actually some historical sources. The first time the lemon was recorded was recorded in an agricultural book in the 10th century, and according to Jewish historians, the Jews in the Jerusalem area in the 90 BC recorded the error of a pastor at a certain festival. Throw the lemon.
In terms of planting history, in the Roman period, lemons entered Europe from the southern part of Italy and entered Persia, Egypt, etc. around the 7th century. In the following period, lemons were widely planted. Later, Columbus passed the lemon to the Americas.

The Legend of Lemon

Speaking of the legendary story of lemons, we must talk about scurvy. In 1747, the British Royal Navy had a surgeon, James Lind, who was responsible for the treatment of seafarers who had scurvy. He would treat them at the time of treatment. Add lemon juice to the patient's food to treat those who suffer from scurvy.
In that era, European adventurers and navigators went out to sea to compete for a new world. However, many sailors suffered scurvy on the way to sailing and died millions of lives. For this reason, they used a lot of methods and wanted to treat illnesses, and thus also carried out studies on the treatment of scurvy. Finally, the study found that eating lemon can effectively reduce the incidence of scurvy. After extensive use of this method, scurvy gradually disappeared.

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