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What should you watch out for when wearing lemon fruit bagging?

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The paper bag is made of a special paper bag with a black outer layer and a double layer of black lemon. The width and width of the paper bag is 20 x 15.5 cm. Choose an orchard or plant with good tree vigor and high management level. Pick a lemon fruit with good appearance, no pest spots, and a diameter of 30-40 cm. Lemon fruit bagging is best done in early July. The front canopy must be thoroughly sprayed with bactericide (opt, virus, net, big or worldly) and insecticides (fast killing or insect killing). Special attention should be paid to the prevention of rust ticks, beetles, and cockroaches. Classes and so on. Severe pests and diseases can be used in a mixture of the two, and they must be sprayed once every 3 days, and then dried and then bagged.
How to control common lemon pests?
(a) Apes. Artificial feeding of predatory mites, orchard intercropping Hoo-Xiang, etc., should pay attention to prevent or minimize the use of Bordeaux mixture or lime sulfur, and a broad-spectrum fungicide, so as not to kill the natural enemies. After picking fruit to the second year before spring shoots, spray 0.5% fruit St. 500 times once to eliminate the overwintering eggs and treat other pests. When the spring shoots are about 2 cm long and the young leaves are stretched, the time is about the end of March. Every 7 to 10 days, the annual leaves of lemons are investigated once, when the eggs and eggs reach 200/100 leaves, or there are 50 leaves. %, should be sprayed in time, after the flowering when the number of lice reached 600 / 100 leaves when spraying, the drug should use 0.5% vetol 2000 times, or 5% nisoli 2000 times, or 15% up螨 Ling 2000 times liquid, or red 螨 3000 times liquid, 螨 grams of 1000 to 1500 times liquid and so on. When the density of rust in summer and autumn reaches an average of 2 to 3 per field of view (10x portable magnifier), or when a few trees and a few twigs of brown rust appear in individual tree branches, they should be immediately sprayed.
(b) buds. According to pest reports, the adults were not immediately flying when they emerged from the ground. They were first given a favorable opportunity to crawl on the ground, or when they were budding (buds are white, like mung bean size), or when their buds were white, and the adults were quickly feathered and unearthed. For every 667 square meters, it is possible to use 1.5 kg of 25% carbaryl powder, or 2.5% of trichlorfon powder, 1.5 kg of dry fine loess and spray 30-35 kg. The use of 2.5% enemies to kill 2000 to 2500 times or 20% of insecartrate 3000 to 4000 times liquid spraying the ground, 7 to 10 days 1, even spray 2 times.
(c) Codling insects. In the nymph incubating period, the application of 2 to 3 times, the agent can be used 70% of the Aileen 6000 to 10000 times, or 3% of Mobilang 2000 to 2500 times, or 200 grams to 1500 times, or 48% Lobben 1000 times liquid, or 15-20 times liquid soda. Cut off the worms, dry branches and closed branches.
(d) Whitefly. Combined with winter pruning, the dense and weak branches, the dendrite branches and the larvae were cut off, and the ventilation and light transmission conditions were improved, and the number of overwintering populations was reduced. In the period of 1 to 2 instar nymphs, chemical control was carried out. The types and concentrations of the pesticides are listed in the class of scale insects. Protect and use natural enemies. The natural enemies of whiteflies pests include parasites, parasitic bees, and predatory natural enemies. When pests and diseases are controlled, they should be carefully selected for agents that have less harm to beneficial organisms.
(E) Papilio. When the amount of larvae is small, eggs can be removed and larvae can be killed. When larvae occur for a long time, they are sprayed at the peak of 2 to 3 years. The medicine can be used to kill 20% of pyrethroid in 2000 times, or 2.5% of kungfu 3000 to 4000 times of liquid.
(6) Leaf leaf moths. It mainly erases sporadic early-onset hair, picks up shabby summer shoots, and concentrates shoots to reduce the number of insect populations. When the new shoots are found to have been taken out, when the rate of new shoot damage reaches 5%, or when the shoot shoots (worms) rate reaches 30% after spraying, the spraying is started. The spray is applied every 7 to 10 days, and the spray is sprayed 2 to 3 times. . Drugs can be used 7% of the Aileen 1000 to 1500 times, or 0.5% of Victoria Violet 800 times, or 2.5% of Kung Fu 2000 to 3000 times the liquid, or 20% of acetophos EC 800 times and so on.
(7) Diseases: mainly anthrax, scab, gum, foot rot, maculopathy, brown spot and so on. The main control methods are: to strengthen the cultivation and management, pay attention to drainage and irrigation, increase the application of organic fertilizer, and time cutting and pruning to avoid the closure of the orchard. The prevention and cure of gum disease and foot rot disease is to remove the diseased part first and apply the diseased part with a solution of lead, copper, lead, copper or aluminum, phosphorus, and aluminum, once after 7-10 days. Other diseases are mainly sprayed once a month from April to September M-45 (can be mixed with other pesticides). When you are sick, you can use either Jenny or a student.

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