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Anyue lemon nutrients

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Anyue County is China's lemon commodity production base county, is the "hometown of Chinese lemons," and is now working hard to build "China's lemon capital." According to the Chinese Orange Research Institute, Anyue lemon contains 7.4 pounds of lemon oil, 9.5% of soluble solids, 6.7% of citric acid, and Vc of 58 mg/100 ml. The juice yield is 38%, Vp is 2.5%, and pectin is 3%. Inositol, limonene and other vitamins and trace elements, lemon oil contains 4% citral, limonene 95%, the indicators are more than the United States, Italy, lemon, Anyue lemon quality is a world-class, is both fresh and able to The most ideal and fine variety for processing.

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